— February 10, 2015

High School Senior Photography

Whidbey Island High School Senior Portraits South Whidbey High School

— February 1, 2015

Whidbey Island Wedding Photographer- Capturing a Moment

When choosing a wedding photographer you need a photographer that can capture a moment. This lone ability out weighs everything…

— January 26, 2015

Wedding Photography and Photo Booths

Why does a photo booth get to have all the fun? We discuss how to get photo booth style images without any booth at all.

— January 24, 2015

Photographing Wedding Bands in the Cliche Way

Traditional photography has greatly evolved. Occasionally though, resorting back to the old fashioned way is the only way to…

— January 20, 2015

Photographing Wedding Bridal Bouquets on Whidbey Island

Whidbey Island wedding photographer Jamie Farage talks seriously and personally about her take on bridal bouquets.

— January 11, 2015

Sunset Wedding Whidbey Island Wedding Photographer

Capturing a wedding with a sunset on Whidbey Island. Having a sunset in your Whidbey Island wedding photos.

— December 10, 2014

Farage Photography Wedding Photos at Seattle Arboretum

Jamie Farage of Farage Photography discusses the beauty of photographing a wedding in Seattle at the the Seattle Arboretum in…

— October 30, 2014

High School Senior Portraits Whidbey Island

High School Senior portraits on Whidbey Island

— October 15, 2014

Childrens Portraits Whidbey Island

Taking childrens portraits on Whidbey Island and in Seattle. What ideas work and what don't. How to take an excellent picture…

— October 12, 2014

Still Life Photography in Yakima Whidbey Island Clinton Langley Oak Harbor

Still Life Photography by photographer Jamie Farage in Yakima, Whidbey Island, Clinton, Langley, Oak Harbor and Seattle. Images…

— October 7, 2014

Newborn Photography on Whidbey Island Clinton, Langley, Oak Harbor

Dos and Don'ts when photographing a newborn session. Photographing newborn babies on Whidbey Island in Clinton, Langley and Oak…

— October 5, 2014

Whidbey Island Boudoir Photography Clinton Langley Oak Harbor Washington

Whidbey Island based photographer Jamie Farage provides exclusive and selective boudoir sessions for female models. We prefer…